Has your commercial property suffered hail damage? Contact the experts at Jansen/Adjusters International for help.

Since 1979, we have helped thousands of policyholders fully recover after major hurricanes in the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean, including most recently hurricanes Harvey, Maria, Laura, and Delta.

Adjuster Shaking Hands With a Client

How We Help

Our expertise in hurricane property insurance claims allows us to move quickly and get ahead of the insurance company in the claims process. Our public adjusters are fluent in hurricane coverage and will leverage the options in your policy to achieve your immediate and long-term goals.

Our team carefully evaluates and documents all damage, including lost income. We present a comprehensive claim and negotiate a fair and just settlement that will allow you to fully repair, restore or build a new property based on your preference and financially recover.


What to Focus on After a Hurricane

Consider the following before moving forward with your hurricane damage property insurance claim:

  • The role of your agent/broker.
  • The role of the insurance company’s construction estimator.
  • Wind damage vs. storm surge vs. flood damage. What is covered?
  • The importance of a claims strategy.
  • The impact of coinsurance.
  • The methodology to properly document the loss.