We prepare and present a comprehensive claim and negotiate a fair and just settlement so that you can continue running your business without delay.

Why Adjusters International

How We Help

We diligently identify the best options available to you in your insurance policy. Our public adjusters, contents specialists, and construction estimators carefully document the full scope of water damage to your building and property. Our forensic accountants calculate the income lost from the damage. We present a detailed claim and negotiate the best settlement possible.

Since 1979, Jansen/Adjusters International has worked exclusively for business owners in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and in Puerto Rico when they need urgent support to deal with water damage property insurance claims.

What to Focus on After Water Damage

Consider the following before moving forward with your water damage property insurance claim:

  • The role of your agent/broker.
  • The role of the insurance company’s construction estimator.
  • Wind damage vs. storm surge vs. flood damage. What is covered?
  • The importance of a claims strategy.
  • The impact of coinsurance.
  • The purpose of a moisture survey.