Our knowledge and experience enable us to execute a claims strategy that aligns with your immediate and long-term goals and secures the fair and just settlement you are entitled to receive.

Why Adjusters International

How We Help

We review your commercial property insurance policy in detail to help leverage your coverage according to your plans. We document all fire, smoke, and water damage and calculate income lost from business interruption. We present a detailed claim that your insurance company will understand, and we negotiate the best settlement possible.

Since 1979, we have helped businesses in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and in Puerto Rico navigate the complicated property insurance claims process after major wildfires. We work only for you, not the insurance company.

What to Focus on After a Wildfire

Consider the following before moving forward with your wildfire damage property insurance claim:

  • The role of your agent/broker.
  • The role of the insurance company’s construction estimator.
  • Is wildfire damage covered by my insurance?
  • The importance of a claims strategy.
  • The number of wildfires previously handled by your insurance company.
  • The impact of coinsurance.