We use our expertise to create a claims strategy that meets your needs and goals and secures the best settlement possible to rebuild as quickly as possible.

Why Adjusters International

How We Help

Our team removes the vulnerability of an unreasonable damage assessment from the insurance company and its adjuster. We discern and accurately document the full extent of your damage and prove it in your claim, negotiating a fair and just settlement.

Jansen/Adjusters International is a pioneer in public adjusting, helping generations of homeowners in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and in Puerto Rico navigate their roof and building collapse claims.

What to Focus on After a Collapse

Consider the following before moving forward with your roof or building collapse claim:

  • The collapse damage covered by your home insurance.
  • The method for determining a home’s actual cash value.
  • Cash advance options to support living expenses.
  • The reasons why the insurance company may recommend a preferred vendor.