Has your commercial property suffered hail damage? Contact the experts at Jansen/Adjusters International for help.

Flexible to Fit Your Needs & Goals

Our fees are typically a fixed percentage of the final settlement, hourly or they may be changing and based on agreed-upon benchmarks.

Dependent on Different Aspects of Your Claim

Our public adjusting fees can be affected by the size of the claim, when the damage occurred, and other factors that could affect the expertise needed to present, prepare, and negotiate the claim.

Sometimes Hourly

Depending on the circumstance, our fees may be charged hourly.

Property Hail Damage
Jansen AI Flat Roofing Built up Rock Ballast H3

More recent hail policies have large deductibles and cosmetic exclusions that could eliminate coverage for your loss. Before you submit your insurance claim contact Jansen/Adjusters International, we will represent your interests and get you the settlement you are entitled to.