If you experience property damage or business interruption, you will be focusing on keeping customers, helping employees, and looking after your livelihood. But to do so, you will have to prepare and file an insurance claim.

Our licensed public adjusters specialize in property damage insurance claim management — including business interruption — in Houston, Dallas, and other parts of Texas. Insurance claims are time-consuming and stressful — our claim professionals can provide you peace of mind and handle your claim from start to finish.

What Kinds of Disasters Cause Major Property Damage in Texas?

Tornado Approaching a Residence


Dallas tornado damage can cause devastating damage and destruction to property. Having your own licensed public adjuster will help you obtain the correct and just insurance claim settlement amount.

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Hail on the Ground


A Texas hailstorm can puncture rooftops, siding, landscaping, and more. If not detected and documented in your claim, this hail damage can lead to other major damage like a leaking roof and water damage. Contact our licensed public adjusters to handle your hail damage insurance claim to ensure you get the settlement amount you deserve.

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Adjusters International Storm Claim

Storm Damage

Like the Texas ice storm of 2021 or a possible tropical storm, Texas residents and business owners can be subject to inclement weather at any time and in several ways. Storms in Texas today that cause property damage require a licensed public adjuster on standby so you receive a full and fair insurance claim settlement amount.

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Flooded Commercial Buildings


The history of Texas flooding — including Houston flooding and Dallas flooding — makes it clear that flood insurance for your business or commercial property is a smart and necessary plan. If you are wondering, “what does flood insurance cover?” contact our knowledgeable public adjusters today.

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Tornado Approaching a Residence


Texas windstorm damage does not have to be the result of a tornado. High winds can unexpectedly rip off siding and loosen or lift rooftops. We document both the obvious and hidden damage for your Texas windstorm insurance claim. In the meantime, check the Texas windstorm map to see if your property is vulnerable.

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Adjusters International Flood Claim

Hurricane Damage

Prior to the tropical storm hurricane season in Texas, it is imperative that home and business owners review their property insurance policies and ensure adequate coverage. As we have seen before with the impact of  Houston hurricanes, the aftermath can displace families and close businesses. Having a public adjuster on your side will ease the stress and complications of an insurance claim.

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Adjusters International Residential Fire Damage Claim


Our experienced public adjusters have handled major fire damage insurance claims — whether they were for a fire in Houston, a Dallas fire, or elsewhere in Texas. Contact us today for expert Texas fire damage claim help.

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Why Should Texas Property Owners Have a Public Adjuster on Speed Dial?

There is a reason why public adjusters are licensed by Texas to exclusively represent you, the policyholder in a major property damage claim. We level the playing field when you must communicate with the insurance company, which will be expected to protect its own interests in these claims.

When you have an insurance claim expert on your side — a public adjuster — you have an advocate working solely for you, handling an intricate claim process you are most likely unfamiliar with.

Why Turn to a Licensed Public Adjuster From Jansen/Adjusters International?

Since 1979, we have become the unmatched property damage claim experts in Houston, Dallas, and other parts of Texas, handling claims for all types of major disasters. Business owners, homeowners, and commercial property owners turn to us after disasters for our trust, diligence, and efficiency in securing a full settlement.

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