Why Jansen/Adjusters International?

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  • Unmatched resources and expertise
  • Thousands of clients helped
  • Millions of dollars secured in settlements

Our Results

The expertise that your firm exhibited during our initial discussions ensured our company that you would be able to achieve a more favorable settlement than we ever could and the results proved that. There was a minimum… Read More about Douglas L. Pereira

Douglas L. Pereira, Corporate Controller

ClothesTime, Anaheim, CA

Through careful inspection and from your experience, you were able to prepare an estimate that was more than what we initially received from our carrier. You also overcame their [the insurance company] adjuster's… Read More about Mark Copeland

Mark Copeland

Westcorp Management Group, Dallas, TX

In post-storm Houston, resources were scarce, but you managed to marshal a team to quickly handle our various multi-family and commercial claims... In closing, while we hope to never have another claim, I have no doubt… Read More about Stephen Swan

Stephen Swan, President

Randall Davis Company, South Padre Island, TX

Actual results will vary based on individual circumstance and nature of insurance claim loss. There are no guarantees you will experience the same results.