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Public Adjusters Can Give Your Clients an Advantage

Providing financial records, documents, projections, and data without an overall claim strategy can be devastating. We know what is required and how to present it.

Since 1979, we’ve helped thousands of clients with property damage and business interruption claims, recovering billions of dollars in insurance settlements. Let us help you and your client do the same.

Some Questions To Ask

  • Are insurers entitled to review all financial information, including tax returns, internal financial statements, bank records, sales projections, invoices and depreciation schedules?
  • Does depreciation on the building(s) and its contents factor into the adjustment of the claim? If so, does it need to be applied based on current replacement costs and expected lifespans? Or it is based on the historical book cost or depreciation schedules?
  • When measuring the business interruption losses, is historical performance of the business the only valuation method?
  • Are there limits to the extent of income that would be saved under Expediting Expenses coverage?
  • What does Extra Expense insurance cover?
  • Is Extra Expense coverage applicable, even if there isn’t any loss of income expected?

The insurance company will have adjusters and experts representing their interest, so your client should have an advocate working and advocating on their behalf. Your client will then be able to focus on their recovery from the devastation of the loss and not on the complicated and stressful claim process.

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