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Public Adjusters Can Give Your Clients an Advantage

If your client suffers property damage or business interruption, your counsel will be invaluable for their recovery. By leveraging our expertise, you can help ensure they receive a fair and just settlement.

Since 1979, we've helped thousands of clients with property damage and business interruption claims, recovering billions of dollars in insurance settlements. Let us help you and your client do the same.

Some Questions To Ask

These questions reinforce why property damage, business interruption and extra expense claims are best left to professionals who specialize them, so that the claim is prepared accurately and in line with the policy requirements, to ensure that the policy receives the best possible settlement.

  • Are property insurance claims much different than third-party liability claims?
  • Are there specific duties and responsibilities for the policyholder that holds the insurance? If so, what are the time limitations required by the insurance policy?
  • Whose responsibility is it to prepare a detailed claim for all the damaged property? Do itemized repair and/or replacement estimates and inventories have to be included? If so, what supporting documentation and proof of loss are required?
  • How is business interruption evaluated?
  • For residential claims, how is the loss of use of a residence calculated?

The insurance company will have adjusters and experts representing their interest, so your client should have an advocate working and advocating on their behalf. Your client will then be able to focus on their recovery from the devastation of the loss and not on the complicated and stressful claim process.

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