As a past president of the Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (TAPIA), Art Jansen, CEO of Jansen/Adjusters International, takes the association’s primary goals seriously. One of those goals is to protect the rights of Texas insurance consumers who sustained property damage.

Recently insurance policies in the state of Texas have begun including an “Anti-Public Adjuster” endorsement. This new language prevents the policyholder from hiring a licensed public adjuster to help in the case of a property insurance claim. This is equivalent to being audited by the IRS and not being allowed to hire your own accountant. Turning to public adjusters who are experts in property damage/loss insurance claims can make the difference between a client getting the fair settlement they are entitled to or receiving an adequate amount to restore their property.

Because of this growing infringement on insurance consumers’ rights to obtain advocacy on their behalf, Texas Representative Mary Ann Perez introduced what has been named the “Right of Contract” bill. On March 14th the Texas House of Representatives Insurance Committee held a hearing where Jansen and Jim Beneke, President and CEO of Austin based Beneke/Adjusters International, testified in support of the bill moving on to the full House of Representatives.

Additionally, a second Texas legislative bill passed unanimously on March 21, 2023, called SB 796, which will require arbitration to be conducted in Texas and governed by the laws of Texas. Thank you to TAPIA members and associates Jim Beneke, Jeff Raizner of Raizner Slania, Matthew Pearson of Pearson Legal, Senator Mayes Middleton, Houston businessman Fred Bhandara, and Clay Morrison for testifying in support of SB 796.

Advocating for policyholders is a priority for Jansen and everyone at Jansen/Adjusters International whether it's testifying in support of legislation protecting their right to be represented by professionals or helping clients on a daily basis to navigate the complex insurance claim process ensuring that they obtain a fair settlement.

To read the official hearing summary released by TAPIA please click here. To watch Jansen’s full testimony in front of the Texas House of Representatives Insurance Committee please refer to the video below.