If you are an independent insurance agent, you might not realize the benefits of using public adjusters. We, too, work on behalf of the policyholder putting the coverage you provided to work for them when they need it most. Together, independent insurance agents and public adjusters are a great team working on behalf of your clients.

At Jansen/Adjusters International, we often work with independent insurance agents to make their lives easier and their clients happier. This partnership can be beneficial in many ways.  

After Disaster Strikes

After a large natural disaster, an independent agent will be the first person many call to check their coverage, obtain copies of their insurance policy, and ask questions about their claim. Referring your clients to a public adjuster allows us to join you in servicing your client. We’ll review their insurance policies and answer questions about their coverages and the client’s claim, significantly reducing your workload and stress. We also eliminate the burden of your need to provide policy interpretation.

Unfortunately, a common occurrence following a disaster is underinsured property owners. They might have wanted to save on premiums, purchased insufficient coverage, or not updated their policy when they should have. Property owners might look to you, their independent agent, to resolve the shortfall. Public adjusters can help mitigate this situation by closely examining the policy for additional unexpected coverage that can help reduce the financial impact of a claim.

The long-term effects of a natural disaster on an area can mean huge increases in insurance premiums and coverage exclusions. They know that independent agents are familiar with various insurance companies with different coverages and price plans. Our clients may be interested in working with you to find their perfect insurance solution when it is otherwise difficult.

Serving as the Mediator

Independent insurance agents can often feel pulled in two directions during a claim, with the client on one side and the insurance company on the other. For example, the client might be emotional and searching for a resolution to a stressful situation. On the other hand, the insurance company might deny coverage or interpret it differently than the client. As the negotiator, we provide a third party to help resolve the differences between both parties.

A public adjuster will create an estimate of damage for each claim. This estimate will be independent of the insurance company. Our job is to examine all coverage the insured is entitled to receive and work with the policyholder and the insurance company to resolve the claim quickly and settle it for the appropriate amount based on the policy.

Retaining Clients

skilled public adjuster can help an independent insurance agent or broker satisfy and retain clients by assisting them in obtaining fair settlements. Public adjusters and independent insurance agents/brokers are ideal allies. They help policyholders ensure the best possible recovery for the policyholders.

To discuss how a Jansen/Adjusters International adjuster can help you and your clients, visit our contact us page or call 800.992.7771.