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Dallas, TX (10/27/2021) — Luis R. Esteves, Principal & Executive General Adjuster, and James Montalbano, licensed Public Adjuster, have been featured in Today's Hotelier magazine, the official monthly magazine of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA). Their article entitled; "Shared Risk: How Reinsurance Triggers Multi-Layer Insurance Policies" discusses how an insurance company's participation in a reinsurance program can impact the management of a commercial property insurance claim.

After working together on several property losses in coastal areas caused by Hurricane Sally, Esteves and Montalbano collaborated on an article highlighting the communication barriers that property owners face when settling a property insurance claim.

"It's common for commercial property located in coastal areas to be insured by a different program than mainland property," Esteves noted. He states that hoteliers and property owners need to be aware of the pitfalls they face before a major catastrophe occurs. "Communicating with one insurer on one layer of insurance is challenging enough. Imagine the insured having to get two or three adjusters representing separate insurers to agree to the amount that they should pay without any advocacy on behalf of the policyholder!"

Montalbano recommends that when policyholders report a new loss to their insurance agent or broker, they ask if they have a reinsured policy and, if so, how many layers there are to determine how many insurance companies will be involved. He also states, "Asking for a Lead Adjuster to be assigned to handle the claim will be extremely helpful. It might slightly change the dynamics of the program, but you won't have to deal with one adjuster leaving after paying their portion and another team coming in without knowledge of the previous work."

Luis Esteves and James Montalbano believe transparency is vital with their clients. Understanding what goes on behind the scenes allows hoteliers to have control over conversations surrounding their financial recovery.

Esteves notes, "We recommend our clients to request documentation of the Lead Adjuster and the Independent Adjuster firm on their policy. Doing so allows for accountability if a loss occurs."


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