Authored by:
Matthew Aldrich, Loss Consultant
Jansen/Adjusters International

Disasters happen! 

That's why you have property insurance: to protect your investment in a home or commercial property. Property insurance helps us sleep better at night, knowing our buildings and our belongings are covered.

Still, the situations that lead to property damage in Texas are incredibly stressful.

When disaster strikes, many homeowners and commercial property owners are surprised to learn that they must manage their claim and provide proof of damage to the insurance company.

They're sometimes disappointed by the claims process, paperwork and resulting settlement offer.

Company Adjusters

As the name implies, these state licensed individuals are employed by a single insurance company and usually work on a salary.

Understand that these adjusters work exclusively for the insurance company. Their goal is to limit the insurance company’s financial exposure.

Lately, we've seen insurance companies estimating the value of damaged contents in high-end homes at much lower values than in the past. Recently, a homeowner became furious when a company adjuster told her that her collection of luxury shoes were worth the same as some run-of-the-mill department store shoes.

Independent Adjusters

Independent adjusters can have contracts with multiple insurers in one region. They may handle a claim for Insurer A in the morning, then a claim for Insurer B in the afternoon.

In Texas's most remote regions, property owners often find themselves dealing with an independent adjuster after a loss.  

However, there is another option — public insurance adjusters, like our team at Jansen/Adjusters International.

Public Insurance Adjusters in Texas

Unlike independent adjusters and company adjusters — who work for insurers as employees or contractors — public insurance adjusters work for the policyholder. As a homeowner or property owner, it's your right in Texas to hire a public adjuster to assist you in the claims process.

If you've ever been deeply disappointed with the results of a property insurance claim in Texas that you handled on your own, you know how valuable a public adjuster can be for your claim!

Are Public Insurance Adjusters Free in Texas?

No, there is a cost. Public insurance adjusters invest a great deal of time to properly prepare and document your claim and advocate on your behalf to obtain the best possible settlement.

  • Generally, the fees for public insurance adjusters in Texas are capped at 10% of the proceeds of the claim after your deduction.
  • Many public adjusters may negotiate a smaller percentage when handling very large claims.

In most cases, you can expect a public insurance adjuster to charge a 10% fee which is typically offset by the increased settlement obtained through their expertise.

Are Public Insurance Adjusters as Well-trained as Company Adjusters?

Absolutely! Per the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), all insurance adjusters must pass rigorous background checks and pass a thorough exam. Then, there are ongoing continuing education requirements to be maintained. 

You will find that many public insurance adjusters in Texas are more experienced than most adjusters working for the insurance companies.

You can learn more about local public adjusters by visiting the Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters website or contacting us at any time for help with your property insurance claim.


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Matthew Aldrich is a Loss Consultant at Jansen/Adjusters International. He has a passion for people, and with over 15 yrs. of commercial and residential construction experience, he is able to help guide clients through the complexities of their claim – helping to ease the burden of what is often one of the most stressful times someone goes through. Leveraging his experience, Matthew has the ability to connect with people and help them identify, and understand important aspects of the damages to their property, and how it impacts the approach the insurance companies take to settle their claim. You
can connect with Matt on LinkedIn or contact him at our Dallas office which can be located on our office locations page at